Monday, May 27, 2013

Cat Hats: A New Chapter Begins...

273/365 Hat Stack w/ Vincent Hat
Hello Everyone!
Thank you so much for all your support on Guy hats.  Now that Guy is retired and living the good life I'd like to introduce the next line of Tiny Haus Hats... the Cat Hat!  For these new hats I have a new selection of fur fabric, lining fabric, eyes and nose colors.  I've created the following form to help me keep track of your order.  Scroll down to see all of the new choices!

I'M CURRENTLY NOT TAKING ORDERS, but I may reopen the list at a later time.  Sorry :(  My work has gotten very busy and Guy is not doing very well.  I've put all of my time into being with him while he's still here.  Thanks for understanding!
Cat Hat Order Form
Fur Color:
Eye Color:
Nose Color:
Lining Choice: 

Cat Hats are $45.00 each
Shipping within the US: $3.50
Shipping to Canada: $9.00
Worldwide shipping: $13.00

Cat Hat Colors
New fur colors:
Silver (dark grey with light grey tips)
Off-white (not shown, same color as Guy Hats)

*I'm working on getting: Tan/Brown and Pink furs.

Cat Hat Details
Eye colors:
*These are custom colors hand painted by me.

Nose colors:

New Lining Fabrics!
Lining Fabrics:
1) Blue w/ White Dots
2) Mint Green w/ Swiss Dots
3) Lime Green w/ Chartreuse Dots
4) Pink w/ Flowers
5) Purple Diamonds & Pink Dots
6) Red w/ White Dots
7) Orange Dots w/ Frogs (cute fabric I got in Japan)

I also have a few lining choices left from making Guy Hats.

1) Lindsay Custom -Shipped
2) Megan C. -Shipped
3) Meg Custom -Shipped
4) Pamela -Shipped
5) Simlian -Shipped
6) Renee -Shipped
7) Renee -Shipped
8) Kasia -Shipped
9) Lisamarie -Shipped
10) Lilian -Shipped
11) Lilian -Shipped
12) Lilian -Shipped
13) Gayle -Shipped
14) Shawna -Shipped
15) Sarah -Finished
16) Becky -Shipped
17) Katja -Shipped
18) Rosa -Shipped
19) Angel -Shipped
20) Kerry -Shipped
21) Angel -Shipped
22) Pam -In Progress
23) Gina -In Progress
24) Kathy -In Progress
25) Karin- Pink Ha - -Shipped
*Updated Dec. 2, 2014 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Many Many Guys

Here are the many Guy Hat graduating classes!  Two more classes to go and we're officially retired. :P

176/365 Class of 2013: Class # 5
Class #5

183/365 Class of 2013: Batch #6!
Class #6

192/365 Guy Hats Class #7!
Class #7

200/365 Class #8 for 2013!
Class #8

213/365 Class of 2013 Batch #9
Class #9

237/365 Guy Hats Class #10!
Class #10

252/365 Class #11  WOW
Class #11

272/365 Class #12!
Class #12