Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Hats: Class of 2012

140/365 Class Of 2012
Wow!  Thank you for all the love everyone ^_^   The first batch of 10 are finished and have been shipped.  I like the idea of having "graduating classes" so I'll keep making them in batches.  The 2nd batch of 10 are in the works.  Guy says thank you for your support!

I recently adjusted shipping costs for worldwide shipping from $5.00 to $8.50.  Shipping to Canada will stay at $5.00 and shipping to the US will stay at $3.50.  The hats are shipped in a cardboard box for protection, but it also weighs more.  These shipping costs are for regular airmail (1st Class if you're in the US), if you need a faster method you can contact me for a quote.   Thank you for understanding about this adjustment.  I thought I could ship internationally with a padded envelope, but I don't want to risk any damages. 

Final Design
The final design of Guy Hat with 3D nose.

Hook Closure
There's also a hook and loop closure for the chin strap.  The hook faces outward and it's hidden in the fur.  I wanted something low key and I also wanted the metal hook to face outward so it won't be a scratch hazard.  Although these hooks are pretty smooth, I just don't like the idea of having metal against plastic. 

Lining Options
These are the lining choices.  You can click on the picture to see larger images.  More information and commission list HERE.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Nitty Gritty

Strike A Pose!
My 1st prototype hat!  I made a few adjustments after completing this hat.  I'll post more pics soon! 

Here's the nitty gritty information:
The hats will be priced at $45 + shipping and at the moment I'm just making them on a commission/request basis.  I won't be selling them on Etsy or Ebay.  I feel I get to know people a bit more when we get to communicate, its why I love collecting Blythe!  Please feel free to contact me if you'd like a hat:

Shipping within the US is $3.50
Shipping to Canada is $9.00 (increase from $5.00 on 1/27/13)
Shipping Worldwide is $13.00 ((increase from $8.50 on 1/27/13)
All shipping is done with US Postal Service First Class/Air Mail.  If you'd like a faster method of shipping please contact me and I'll give you a quote.
** Please note that we just had a HUGE postage hike in the US.  They practically doubled the international shipping rate.  I charge exactly what it costs me to ship, with some rounding for easy accounting.  I blogged a bit more about the postage increase HERE.

Updated 6/3/13: THANK YOU EVERYONE!  The commission list is finished and closed.
Commission List:
1)  Juan (Dr.B) SHIPPED
2)  Brian (Seattleblythe)

3)  Lisa L. SHIPPED
4)  Jennifer A.

5)  Katie D. (DJ_Pichu) SHIPPED
6)  Jamie W (Kogepanic)
7)  Virginie (Tibiloo) SHIPPED
8)  Sharon S. (Sassybeads) SHIPPED
9)  Siri (Iris Blakk)
10)  Juliet W. (My4dollies) SHIPPED
11)  Caroline S. (obsessivelystitching)SHIPPED
12)  Leah A. (Schnitzle) SHIPPED
13)  Rose (Thesistersblythe) SHIPPED
14)  Jordana (Mylaar) SHIPPED
15)  Fiddy SHIPPED
16)  Christine K. SHIPPED
17)  Sara L. (Devoutdolls) SHIPPED
18)  Emily H. (Greeniebone) SHIPPED
19)  Brione W. (MysticArtGirl56) SHIPPED
20)  Lindsay (Ellewoods2007) SHIPPED
21)  Jenn (Sixtwentyseventh) SHIPPED
22)  Becca (Blythetastic) SHIPPED
23)  Becky (Knitting Barista) SHIPPED
24)  Chantelle (HouseofHarlow) SHIPPED
25)  John B. (Maudib05) SHIPPED
26)  Amber C. SHIPPED
27)  Ann (Nani Kora) SHIPPED
28)  Marina (Smilte76) SHIPPED
29)  Melissa SHIPPED
30)  Angel L. SHIPPED
31)  Barbara C. (rhubs knits) SHIPPED
32)  Cassy (thelittlewhitecloud) SHIPPED
33)  Mandy (Jeds123) SHIPPED
34)  Liz (Skull Maiden) SHIPPED
35)  Miyako G. SHIPPED
36)  Joanne (Circuscat) SHIPPED
37)  Anita (Simplychictiques) SHIPPED
38)  LisaMarie SHIPPED
39)  Debbie (Mishigoss) SHIPPED
40)  Tanja H. (Spiti84) SHIPPED
41)  Rella (Rella345) SHIPPED
42)  Deborah G. SHIPPED
43)  Karen R. (girlenchanted) SHIPPED
44)  Sandra E. SHIPPED
45)  Maggie S. SHIPPED
46)  Rebekah (rebekahdoll) SHIPPED
47)  Rachel (fairyflip) SHIPPED
48)  Miranda (sagwayum1) SHIPPED
49)  Ashley (ashleydawns) SHIPPED
50)  Helen (2tMargarett) SHIPPED
51)  Joey (tusabesblythe) SHIPPED
52)  Amanda (gumdrops0000) SHIPPED
53)  Maribel (Voodoolady) SHIPPED
54)  Catherine (glowcat17) SHIPPED
55)  Laurinda SHIPPED
56)  Tina (tna09) SHIPPED
57)  Simlian (Kewty-pie) SHIPPED
58)  Sam (china-lilly) SHIPPED
59)  Katrina (unfavouritedoll) SHIPPED
60)  Cristina (Leshan1) SHIPPED
61)  Sarah (Pookalovestomatoes) SHIPPED
62)  Jenni (Jinjurblythe) SHIPPED
63)  Elvia SHIPPED
64)  Pauline (RoseAmethyst88) SHIPPED
65)  Annie-Lam (Annie's Wonderland) SHIPPED
66)  Andreea (Mariuka) SHIPPED
67)  Kelly SHIPPED
68)  Amanda (phantom raven)SHIPPED
69)  Cristina (cristinaxoxo)SHIPPED
70)  Maggi (Kawaii Kandy) SHIPPED
71)  Marlon (dolls-kingdom)SHIPPED
72)  Sarah (CollectingBlythe) SHIPPED
73)  Diana (Di2Quilt) SHIPPED
74)  Sugey SHIPPED
75)  Penny (blythegalaxy) SHIPPED
76)  Lilian (Lavenderlilz) SHIPPED
77)  Megan (Smee/Smeebot) SHIPPED
78)  Ann K. SHIPPED
79)  Jayne (kaechan-love) SHIPPED
80)  Karen (Kittydoll) SHIPPED
81)  Manon SHIPPED
82)  Stacy (Tunibug) SHIPPED
83)  Holly (hc3076) SHIPPED
84)  Maria (Chu Things) SHIPPED
85)  Danielle (Gisanna Rose) SHIPPED
86)  Natasja & April (april-loves-blythe) SHIPPED
87)  Aurora M. SHIPPED
88)  Cinzia (Koboldmops) SHIPPED
89)  Carmel SHIPPED
90)  Adva SHIPPED
91)  Netanella -2- SHIPPED
92)  Netanella -2- SHIPPED
93)  Nina (nina_reichert) SHIPPED
94)  Hsin (Loveblythe) SHIPPED
95)  Julie (Julebear) SHIPPED
96)  Michelle (cherries_blackapple) SHIPPED
97)  Desiree (schneckiene) SHIPPED
99)  Catarina (FB) SHIPPED
100) Tiffiny (FB) SHIPPED
101) Bella SHIPPED
102) Sally (starbright_sally) SHIPPED
103) Kit (FB) SHIPPED
104) Kerry (Silver Heart Creations) SHIPPED
105) Ana Maria SHIPPED
106) Gaia (Bambina Carabina) SHIPPED
107) Deeya (mismatchfusion) SHIPPED
108) Rebecca (Glamourfae) SHIPPED
109) Noella (noelia_sweet) SHIPPED
110) Liz (Daifuku_Darling) SHIPPED
111) Jen (JemijoopBlythe/BJD) SHIPPED
112) Angela (Gemini Angel) SHIPPED
113) Kasia (Malkama) SHIPPED
114) Raul SHIPPED
115) Annette SHIPPED
116) Danielle (littlepebble) SHIPPED
117) Melanie (milkypuppy) SHIPPED
118) Christine M. SHIPPED
119) Rosa SHIPPED
120) Sarah (sglahe – Kaleidoscope Kustoms) SHIPPED
121) Tatiana (tatiana van) SHIPPED
122) Erin SHIPPED
123) Jacqueline SHIPPED
124) Kamala SHIPPED
125) Courtney (courtonblythe) SHIPPED
126) Rhiannon (Rhibops) SHIPPED
127) Karin SHIPPED
128) Amy M. SHIPPED
129) Adam A. SHIPPED
130) Brenda (resinbambola) SHIPPED
131) Katja (Blytheowl) SHIPPED
132) Andie SHIPPED
133) Kathy (62Kitty) SHIPPED
134) Jana (helmitarha)SHIPPED
136) Sandy T. SHIPPED
137) Gennie L. SHIPPED
138) Canceled
139) Andrew M. SHIPPED
140) Pam SHIPPED
141) Luidmila G. SHIPPED
142) Renee waiting SHIPPED
143) Cat (Tingeisha) SHIPPED
144) Fae (Pomme Pomme) SHIPPED

How It All Began!

Guy and Guy 2
Hello Everyone!
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your interest in a "Guy Hat" for Blythe.  The idea started from a joke on Facebook.  My friend Juan a.k.a Dr.Blythenstein suggested I should make a Blythe hat that looks like my dog Guy.  I thought it was hilarious and crazy... a PERFECT challenge!

I got to work over the next few days and drafted a pattern for a Blythe "Guy Hat"!  I can't believe all of the interest I got from this project.  I thought it would be too weird and who would want a hat of my dog?!?!  I've underestimated Guy's charisma :P

127/365 Oh Yes It's Happenning!
This was my original sketch for the design.  The hat is fully lined and made with high quality fur fabric, fleece and wefted Yak hair.  It also has Safety eyes and nose.  I hand sculpt and paint a Fimo "snaggle tooth" for each hat, this old pup's tooth is hardly white at his age and it also has little cracks... I HAD to be authentic!  He only has 4 teeth left, each one is precious. :P  The hat will also have a chin strap.

He Doesn't Notice
His famous ear hairs are made of wefted Yak hair.  His inner ears are made of fleece with light coloring from chalk pastels, no worries the pastel won't rub off.  I'm still in the process of making the packaging for this hat, but I think it will come with a Polaroid shot of Guy and a "I♥Guy" button.

The hats will be priced at $45 + shipping and at the moment I'm just making them on a commission/request basis.  I won't be selling them on Etsy or Ebay.  I feel I get to know people a bit more when we get to communicate, its why I love collecting Blythe!  Please feel free to contact me if you'd like a hat:

the gorgeous smile!
A little history about Guy:
Guy is about 15 years old now, we adopted him 8 years ago from a rescue.  He's had a few families before us, but aside from having separation anxiety he's a happy dog.  He's my pal, my shadow, my rake on the ground.  We love him so much and he brings out so many smiles everywhere he goes.  I've seen him go from happy-go-lucky dog to grumpy old man.  ^_^
p.s. Guy's lawyers and accountants are setting royalties on these hats!  He wants steak, chicken and back rubs...