Monday, January 28, 2013

Class #4 and Postal Rates Increase

171/365 Once again: Class of 2013
Class of 2013 has another batch of graduates! They all got shipped to their prospectus homes today.  I hope they get there safe and sound.  It's been so much fun seeing little "Guys" pop up on Flickr.  Thank you everyone for all of your enthusiasm on this silly project!

Today was also the first day of a HUGE increase in postage rates here.  I'm so sad to say that postage rates went up today.  The hardest hit is on international shipping, International First Class rates will go up as much as 60%!  They're really making it difficult for us to do business with other countries.  Boooo! I wish there was a cheaper method to ship, but there isn't.

So new rates are:
US Shipping: $3.50
Canada Shipping: $9.00 (raise from $5.00)
Worldwide Shipping $ 13.00 (raise from $8.50)

This will definitely hit online sellers, especially us dolly folks with less expensive items.  In some cases you'd be spending as much on the shipping as the item itself!


  1. Hi Diem! I just saw my hat on your Flickr update today. Will you be sending me an invoice?

  2. Hi Diem. I have emailed you about your amazing Guy Hats. I hope to be on your commission list soon. Thanks.