Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Packaging

Packaging for Guy Hat
I thought I would do a post on how Guy hats are packaged and shipped.  Every hat comes with a polaroid picture of Guy, an "I heart Guy" pin and is shipped in a cardboard shipper. 

 I Heart Guy Stamps
I made rubber stamps for the pin. ^_^

 Workin' Away
Each package comes with an original polaroid photo of Guy!  I wanted to give each hat a personal touch.  If you like nostalgia or shooting with film I highly recommend getting a Fujifilm Instax camera.  It's really fun and great for parties, you can have instant memories to share with your friends.  I think having a physical momento is wonderful in the digital age.
I debated between getting the Instax 210 or the Instax Mini 25.  I went with the Mini for size sake.  I don't think I would ever tote around a HUGE camera other than my Canon 7D.

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